About us

Taxi Service with Care

A leading provider of transport for the people of the Highlands. When you need a taxi, Highland Cabs is there for you.

Highland Cabs provides taxi services for all individuals or businesses, whether groups or otherwise, throughout the area of the Highlands.


It doesn't matter if you are looking to secure reliable transport to or from an airport, or have a need for an urgent courier service, you can rest assured, Highland Cabs will be your best choice.


Call Highland Cabs to book your taxi or minibus now. Or book online and we will confirm your booking with an email, keeping you informed and in control of your transport arrangements.


The Highland Cabs fleet includes saloons & minibus. 


Not only do Highland Cabs have the fleet necessary to offer a comprehensive service, but our experienced and polite staff - using a fully computerised booking and despatch system, using the latest communication technology - makes that comprehensive service superb.


With Highland Cabs offering services such as Train, Ferry and airport transfers a speciality, we are confident that we can provide for all your journey needs.